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Gastronomy defined

Three important definitions of Gastronomy

The first definition

Text in red is a quotation

Gastronomy gives  a broad knowledge and understanding of both wine and food, the enhancement of their appreciation, and the nurturing of camaraderie among those who share the pleasures of the table

It brings  together  ...  all who believe that a right understanding of good food and wine is an essential part of personal contentment and health, and that an intelligent approach to the pleasures and problems of the table offers far greater rewards than the mere satisfaction of appetite.”

Why is the quotation here?

         Because some essential gastronomy definitions by quotation are on this page.

           Because it  illustrates why Andre Simon is given prominence in this website.

         Because it's the right place in the designed sequence of information presentation

You may have met Andre Simon via the main page in another section.  If not, it appropriate  to do so here and then elsewhere here.


The second definition

This edited version follows the theme that it offers far greater rewards than the mere satisfaction of appetite.”

"So what is Gastronomy? It ...  means first and foremost only eating enough to satisfy your hunger and thirst."

You can read the full quotation now:


You can read the full quotation in page context now:

Jean Valby who wrote the former article was President of the Chaine in 1950.  Read about the Chaine and its interesting history here.   

The third definition

We glide from Andre Simon to Brillat-Savarin

We will leave the "who he was" aspects until later.  He said

Gastronomy is the reasoned comprehension of everything connected with the nourishment of man.

Few modern declarations on gastronomy omit this quotation.  Most do not challenge it.  This statement clearly goes too far. Do we need to analyse tractor engine oil?  Does the wind blow the food onto the plate?

But he was a lawyer and, if alive today, he would specialise in the small print on contracts. Note "the  everything connected" clause in his statement. It helps determine which way the wind blows.

Read about him at   
Brillat-Savarin - The Father of Gastronomy .

Additional material

"Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture and food. It is often thought erroneously that the term gastronomy refers exclusively to the art of cooking, … but this is only a small part of this discipline; it cannot always be said that a cook is also a gourmet."  Wiki used on the page.

Practical Gastronomy

… is the study of and practice of the preparation and service of the various foods and beverages of the countries of the world and the conversion of them into dishes and drinks used in those countries. It is to do with the techniques and standards involved in the conversion of raw foods into edible products.

Theoretical Gastronomy, Technical Gastronomy

The first concerns itself with the recipes and methods/procedures which support Practical Gastronomy. Under this heading should be found the multiplicity of cookery books, articles etc expounding the various methods of preparing the individual dishes and drinks.

Embodied within it is the source of creativity inspiring the classical and national dishes of the world. Technical Gastronomy has as one component, the lending of precision to and support to Practical Gastronomy.….

Technical Gastronomy is more than multiplying recipes for four people by a certain number to achieve the bulk preparation of food; it is more than a statement of the quantities and items required for a given number of portions, it may be the link between the small kitchen and manufacturing on the large scale.

From "Gastronomy" via  2d, 2e. 2f

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