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In response to requests for more information arising from site viewers reading the "Nepal Wedding" page via "Gastronomy for all" [or click http://anelpaliwedding.blogspot.com/], here is my Diary of the project.  "VA = Voluntary Adviser" with BESO - the London charity which organised the project..

Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College
VA Diary
Friday 7 April  2000
2130 plane from Heathrow to Kathmandu via Doha.
Saturday 8 4
Met by member of staff of a sister college in Kathmandu and taken to the Summit Hotel for the night as flights to Pokhara were not operating.
Sunday - Start of Week 1
Arrived in Pokhara and was met by Mr Kamal Pant (KP), Principal of the college. It was in full operation as days had been lost previously.
Met members of staff and students, was shown round and was told about plans for the future. Prominent among the student population of twenty-year-olds (average) is Uppity Go-Wrong, a twenty-five-year-old man who was to take over the domestic aspects of hosting the VA. His hotel is in Lakeside which is the centre of tourism in Pokhara. Once college had finished, was taken to the Hotel Mountain Top. So much for the VA’s ear for Nepalese, My host, I found out later is Hipti Gurung!
There are two degree courses operating. There are thirty two students on the Bachelor of Hotel Management course (BHM) and seven on the Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management course (BTTM).
The college was opened in August 1999 and in less than three months. The students commenced their first of six semesters and these run for about six months. There is a fortnight break between semesters.
The college is well out of town and and all concerned travel along extremely poor roads to get there (35 minutes from Pokhara Lakeside centre). It occupies a large plot of land and comprises admin offices, classrooms including two kitchens and a computer room. There is a well-appointed Travel Office which was given over to the VA as his base.
The main discussion which took place with KP covered the course syllabus (curriculum) documents. They have been compiled by Pokhara University using various external specialists and incorporating the views of the college.. Other topics covered included the staff, the limited teaching and industrial experience they have, and the concomitant low average age. KP’s main concern was the Tourism teacher who is well-qualified but does not operate to his full potential. This diary mentions Mr Anon a lot.
Monday 10 4
The college was closed. VP and VA spent the morning discussing the BESO project and ways its remit can be fulfilled. VA suggested an immediate need to extend the syllabus documents for use by all concerned. Each Faculty members would take the pages relevant to his teaching. The course objectives would be extended and each heading would carry a statement as to what it means. Staff could suggest further headings and topics within them along with books and equipment needed not specified within the syllabus documents.
It was agreed that a Faculty Meeting would take place on Friday morning. VA wrote Appendix 1 in KP’s name. In the meantime, staff would start to write their pages for submission three hours before the meeting. 
Tuesday 11 4
One of the delights(?) of working in such countries (as many in BESO are aware) is the dubious nature of the electricity supply. It was not possible to distribute the memo to Faculty members. KP called a meeting so that the VA could explain what was to happen and what they needed to do. The memo was distributed soon after. (Appendix 1)
Once that was over, the rest of the day was spent with KP and his visitor from Tourism ConcernUK, Angela Kalisch. She addressed the BTTM students for an hour after lunch. Three Faculty members also attended including the tourism lecturer.   Afterwards, VA suggested to Mr Anon that he think about suitable follow-up tourism teaching and student activities and that we would discuss his conclusions the following morning.
Wednesday 12 4
New Year’s Eve in the Nepali calendar - normal teaching suspended so that students could prepare for a party they had been planning.   VA incapacitated until 1300. Discussed workshop operation with KP. Worked on aspects of the project. The party began at 7pm. A fire started at around 10pm and four students were taken to hospital.
Mr Anon was asked about his follow-up to the Tourism Concern event the previous day. He said it was not necessary and he had made a summary for the library. He was told that students are well capable of doing that. His job is to develop the topic.
Thursday 13 4
The VA suggested that he teach BTTM students and had devised a quiz. Appendix 2 refers. The aim was to assess the level of written ability before progressing to discussion. The process may help Mr Anon in his teaching.
Within the Social Programme, KP invited the VA to join his family at a restaurant in the evening.
Friday 14 4
The main event was the Faculty Meeting. Appendix 1 refers. VA spoke for an hour, inviting discussion along the way. Appendix 3 was distributed at the end (hand-written but typed later).
Mr Malla, a part time Faculty member, arrived and VA outlined the main points of the Faculty Meeting. He was given Appendix 1 and Appendix 3 and asked to follow up Appendix 1. He is the Principal of a somewhat similar college in Pokhara.
Sunday 16 April - Start of Week 2
KP and VA met for three hours. Appendix 4 refers. 
Monday 17 4
KP gave VA a list of Faculty members. Appendix 5 refers. VA gave KP comments on the extensive prospectus draft. Agreed that Mr Anon would carry out the corrections.
KP invited VA to participate in an interview for a prospective Faculty member. Although quite promising on paper, the applicant could not communicate in English. Surprisingly, he had produced a good paper on Tourism teaching. Agreed that this would be kept on ice until Mr Anon had shown what he can do.
KP outlined the general problem of recruiting Faculty members and sought the VA’s advice. After a brief look at the nine or so applications the advice given was that all except the obviously poor applicants be invited for interview. They would be asked to write answers to three questions on Tourism before moving on to a discussion. VA and KP would then separately interview applicants.
The VA suggested that the problems associated with course electives be solved by delegating their development to Messrs Sharma and Gazmair. Appendix 6 refers. The VA held the meeting and outlined the project to them.
Tuesday 18 4
With a view to holding the first workshop the following Sunday, the VA suggested he would visit each Faculty members in the classroom. On Thursday, he would give a demon­stration lesson to all students with Faculty members present (Appendix 7 refers). Built into that would be consid­erations arising from classroom observations. Faculty members would discuss the two activities at the workshop. VA suggested that attention would be given to the distinction between syllabus and curriculum. 
KP invited VA to meet the director of ACAP. This is the Annapurna Conservation Area Project and it had been prominent in Angela Kalisch’s talk last week. 
KP was given the first draft of the VA Report after theVA had updated it during the morning. It was explained the KP would have all on his hard disk so that he could use it in his own way.
KP briefed VA regarding a project to bring in more staff to the college. A scheme had been devised whereby anyone with a Master degree could apply for a year-long training position to be come an Assistant Professor. KP looked upon the ten applications to date in despair and sought the VA’s advice. The VA read the applications and had to agree. He advised that, unless any were really futile, they all be invited for interview. They would be given three questions to answer in writing. They would then form a discussion group to address another topic while KP, VA and any other chosen person observed. This might take place at lunch. As the applicants would have to travel to the outback location of the college, nobody would be asked to leave until the whole process of afternoon interview was over.
Wednesday 19 4
The VA was taken to a Nepali Wedding Appendix 8 refers. After lunch at the college, he proceeded with items in process.
The VA observed classes taught by Messrs Upadyaya and Sharma (see Appendix 5 for subjects and Appendix 7 for timing).
Thursday 20 4
The VA observed classes taught by Messrs Thapa and Anon (see Appendix 5 for subjects and Appendix 7 for timing). Mr Thapa is the Food Production lecturer. It is appropriate at this stage to express concern within this diary (as opposed to Mr Thapa, for reasons which will emerge later), over food hygiene. (Safety will be dealt with in due course.) The VA has taken care not to begin or end the diary or report on a negative note. It would have been easy to state on the first Tuesday that the VA went into the kitchen when salads were being prepared. He was not looking forward to lunch after seeing so many flies on the food. A mission to locate plate-covers in Pokhara was to occupy much of the VA’s spare time. During the week or so since last Tuesday, several short visits were made to the kitchen and each time something further emerged worthy of comment but it is a question as to how far one goes in an account of this nature.
The selection process referred to on Tuesday took place. The VA also gave a lesson to all students which was observed by Faculty members. Appendix 9a refers. Appendix 9b is also Appendix 3 but it is the first time it is in typed format as far as staff are concerned. Appendix 10 is the lesson material.
VA midnight-oil burned (not to mention candle-wax when the lights went out) checking prospectus for the second time. (This is too large to form an appendix.)
Friday 21 4
As part of the Social Progamme KP took the VA for an early-morning trek up in the hills for very clear views of the mountains. The return journey took in VA recommendations which included the notion that BTTM students set up a Tourist Information Point in a local restaurant for those looking for companionship on tourist activities. This was fairly normal in such situations. Also recommended was the solution to cleaning the clean in Housekeeping lessons whereby students worked in local hotels for short periods.
VA observed classes taught by Messrs Gazmair, Pant and Timelsina (see Appendix 5 for subjects and Appendix 7 for timing). Disruption to at least the last class caused by jet-propelled hail (large ice cubes to be precise), violent rain and fierce wind. Electricity cut-offs by now are quite a normal event.
Mr Timelsina (generally called Babu Ram), is the computer teacher. His teaching is affected by serious limitations within the computing equipment. Often, seven tourism students have to crowd around one monitor.
Saturday 22 April
The VA completed a briefing paper for KP meeting with the VC of Pokhara University on Monday and took it to KP’s house.
 Sunday - Start of Week 3
KP collected the VA at 0715 for workshop at 0800. Appendix 11 refers. Departure 1000 for seminar in Pokhara. The seminar finished at 1300.   KP and Mr Sharma departed for conference in Kathmandu at 1600.
Monday 24 4
Most of the day was spent typing an agenda for a project meeting with KP. Appendix 12 refers. Various members of staff were seen in relation to ongoing work. Mr Anon had been asked to do certain things which had been left undone. Appendix 12 refers.
A TV crew arrived to film a programme. The VA was asked to talk for a few minutes while the camera rolled. The whiteboard in his office was used as focal point and Appendix 13 refers.
Tuesday 25 4
The project meeting agenda was completed, handed to KP and it was agreed a meeting would be held on Thursday. Various members of staff were seen in relation to ongoing work. 
Wednesday 26 4
The submissions due to be completed yesterday morning were read and discussions took place with some staff. The VA took the BHM students for a follow-up of last Friday’s class. Mr Timilsina had missed that one so he was invited to attend. He was asked to produce a summary. As Mr Anon was so reluctant to follow any new approaches to his teaching, he was invited to attend and then model his own follow-up on the VA’s teaching. Prior to this, Mr P had stated that the VA taught in the western style, he taught in the eastern style and, in effect, ne’er the twain would meet at his doorstep.
Although seemingly unconnected to Anon problems, Mr Upyadyaya came in for a brief discussion with the VA and said, in as many words, that the new approach to teaching uses a lot more paper and OHP materials. Handouts are not part of the way things are done here. The management is against their use. A point for subsequent discussion with KP! (Some time later, KP came in to say that matters had been cleared up.)
The two syllabus documents are particularly difficult to work with so the VA renumbered the mixed-up pages and produced an index/control sheet for each syllabus. Appendix 14 shows the format for both courses. Mr Timilsina was requested to put them on disk as a computer project for suitable students. (He did the job himself.)
Discussion over lunch with KP included ways in which the food service teaching might be improved. The notes for the project meeting mention unwitting learning. Appendix 12 refers. The VA pointed out that Mr Gazmair from time to time leans against the restaurant furniture. Students have an excuse to do the same. (Lunch actually started on time today.)
The discussion progressed to evaluating the standard of restaurant operation each day. A new skill might be introduced occasionally. Students might design an evaluation form. (That was never done.) The student serving our table was very shy - where does that fit into any evaluation scheme?
Turning attention to the kitchen, the VA asked how food preparation skills were taught. Menu production, the answer came, is carried out from Day One. This is part of the problems associated with the restaurant. The menus are limited in content due to having to teach basic skills. The hand-to-mouth food etc ordering system does not help. The college shoud re-appraise this system and give students several sessions of basic skills training. When preparing vegetables, there are peelings and debris over several square miles. They are all mixed with later dis-assembly activities involving chicken or whatever meat is on that day. There is no soap or towels available, never mind hand-drying machines. There is little sign of briefing the students before they arrive for their practical sessions. Refridgeration is inadequate. One could continue ad infinitum.
Another problem with the restaurant is that the teaching focussed on plate service for far too long. (In fact it went on to the end of the six weeks.) here was little progression. Students are bored. The lecturer does little teaching as it has all been said before the VA arrived. 
Thursday 27 4
Working with the small group of Tourism students (BTTM), the VA introduced them to survey method using questionnaires from his teaching. He said that there would be several projects and each student would be a project leader. Mr Anon had been invited to attend the session. He would be following it up. 
The VA also gave the students a project involving the setting up of a Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in the college. Both activities require project teams with people in different roles and they had to go away and determine requirements etc. The main purpose, however, of the projects was to show Mr Anon how to use them in teaching, how much could be gained from them, and how to get closer to his students.
Individual sessions took place with Messrs Timilsina, Gazmair, Upyadya and Anon concerning their curriculum development submissions. They all had to more work and quickly, please.
In as separate session with Mr Gazmair, the VA wanted to develop his (BG’s) experience of running a restaurant. He showed him a chapter from Gastronomy detailing the role of the host at the table in a high class restaurant. This was to help him develop his ideas about teaching the students to be able to react better to real customers.
Project Meeting. With so much happening, and KP having to run the college, we finally managed to start the meeting. Appendix 12 refers.
The day ended with a session with KP and Mr Anon where the tourism teacher was spoken to by KP. “There are not western and eastern styles of teaching, there are right and wrong ways etc.” When all this is added to the fact that Mr P had previously tried to get out of attending by citing some fairly trivial family problem, the reader can get the picture of a less-than professional.
Social Programme + project feedback to Mr Palikhe, the College Chairman. At 7pm, the VA arrived at the hotel to a message to contact the chairman. Later, he arrived to take the VA to dinner. The party included the head of the local Chamber of Commerce, and the head of local tele-communications. The chairman was keen to be told about any problems so he was given both barrels!
One of the main problems this week has been making contact with KP as the VA wanted to express concern over the lack of progress in implementing the recommendations. He felt it appropriate to transfer this message to Mr Palikhe.
Friday 28 April - end of Week 3 and half way point.
BTTM students were taken to a spare room by the VA and informed it would be their TIC. One of the students was appointed project leader and asked to produce a list of requirements (see Appendix 14a). Mr P was also asked to produce his own plan. He thought it unnecessary at first. (After cajoling, it was finally presented on Friday 12 May.)
KP called a Faculty Meeting in the afternoon to discuss routine matters before giving the VA the rest of the meeting. The latter gave out a sheet listing the topics within the BHM course and asked staff to check with him early next week re individual progress on curriculum development. He also requested them to say when it would be convenient for him to revisit the classroom for a follow-up observation of their teaching progress. Arrangements should be made by Wednesday. (Nobody did so.) Finally, Faculty members were asked to produce a teaching evaluation form with a view to assessing their own performance. (Nobody did so.) They would be as well to visit each other in the classroom and try out the form as KP would be assessing them after the VA had departed. 
At the meeting, KP told staff about a new computer system which was being installed over the weekend which required their presence. He informed the VA there would be no workshop on Sunday. The VA asked him to come up with an outline for implementing some of the recommendations to be discussed the following Monday.
Monday 1 May - start of week 4
Over the weekend, the VA had updated the Nepali Wedding story and showed it and photos to the BTTM students. Another small project emerged and a student agreed to add her account as she was the only married student in the group. 
A larger project was announced by the VA and students had to imagine that a conference was to be held in Pokhara in September. The subject was The Future of Tourism and Hotel Management in Asia. By then there would be around 100 students at the college. Half way through the conference, students would host two guests from 1500 to 2200, meet them at the centre and return them afterwards. The BTTM students would need to plan it all. Mr Anon would be asked to map it out separately later on if he had not done so in the meantime. (He hadn’t, he was asked and he didn’t.)
Having outlined the wee project, the students informed the VA that they were on revision this week as exams were being held in the afternoon. The VA went back in his mind to extensive e-mails to KP asking for details of what was to happen during the project. Effectively, a week of student activity had to be reduced drastically. Had this and a few other factors been known, the visit would have been delayed. However, with willing students, a fair amount of work was done during the week.
Returning to Mr Gazmair’s little personal project on gastronomy, the VA requested a table for nine the next day which would be a business lunch for the BTTM students, their teacher and himself (VA). Mr Anon was put in the picture and asked to take it all in as he had to brief Mr Sharma on running a similar event on Thursday. (This was never done.)
Mr Anon did a follow-up lesson (on VA’s class earlier) and was observed by KP and the VA. All three of us discussed it later when the VA said it was a very good lesson and KP agreed. Mr Anon was reminded that he was good at the course development work. Friday’s session was brought up in comparison to his apparent change of attitude and approach and all left on a high note.
KP and VA have a good working relationship so further to the comments about lack of meeting time, the VA said it was easier to see God! (KP likes these trips into English language usage.) On the matter of implementing recommen­dations, KP launched into a set of reasons for the difficulties involved (and reasons the project should not have taken place when it did), which the VA largely sympathised with. KP said that students were no longer eating in the kitchen. The VA had to reply that he had seen this going on the day before. He felt like asking why students still wore their outside clothing under their kitchen uniform.  
Tuesday 2 5
The business lunch took place and the senior student serving wrote a summary. The VA continued with the project work in the classroom for most of the afternoon after which the students went to an exam.
Friday 5 May
A lot of time was invested by the VA since Tuesday in showing Mr Anon that teaching can be a very rewarding profession. Project work continued with the BTTM students. 
Lunch times by now are used by the VA to provide greater realism within the artificial situation of students having to be customers. Mr Anon observed again, but still did nothing to get other teachers involved.
The BTTM students designed a follow-up questionnaire relevant to the Asia conference (Appendix 14b), which was administered to all students by the project leader. The VA then went through them quickly to see what students (and staff) intended to do with their two guests beyond the activities listed. Only one student said he would invite them to his house. Discussion then took place on Nepali hospitality compared with that in the west.
KP had made it known that he would be away for a week in India to finalise the equipment order for the Advanced Kitchen.   The VA wanted to know about procedures etc so a meeting which included Mr Upadyada was called. The meeting went on with the VA saying that he would be holding a workshop at his hotel on Sunday morning at 0900. He would deal with curricular issues before leaving at 1130. Mr U was asked to extend everyone’s awareness of teaching techniques and to produce the teaching evaluation form with them which nobody had produced (see Friday 28 April). He was told the broad criteria. He was finally asked to write a summary of what he had been asked to do (other items were added to the list) and give it and the evaluation form to the VA on Monday. The summary was requested in anticipation that some jobs would be conveniently forgotten. 
Saturday 6 May
The VA produced two syllabus documents at two levels (29 pages). Appendix 15 is the cover sheet to one of them. KP will be able to read them on his return.
Sunday 7 May
Mr U showed the VA his plan for his own part of the workshop which was well thought out. The VA reminded him about the teaching evaluation form. Mr U had done no preparation so the VA sketched out the minimum criteria.
At the appointed time, the VA departed for a visit to a boarding school for children (which stemmed from the New Year Party), leaving Mr U to take charge.
Monday 8 May
As predicted, Mr U managed to omit something and did not produce the teaching evaluation form. Ditto the summary of what was asked of him on Friday. The VA spent some time talking to him about career development and the potential Mr U has for promotion. The form was produced the next day and Appendix 16 refers. It contains only the minimum criteria given by the VA. There was no projection into the learning process, what might be going on in the student’s mind and so on. (It emerged form talking to KP on his return that Mr U had not organised a big event to occur on May 16 to celebrate the founding of the college which he had been asked to do last Friday. The reader will be made fully aware of the personnel problem within the college and this is just a part of it.)
The days now always include a fair time with Mr Anon and the BTTM students as well as lunch-table development for various students (and Mr Gazmair). Today and with Mr G, the VA pointed out the unsafe practice of his use of the door from the kitchen when he should be using its counterpart, the door to the kitchen. Perhaps he should talk to the students.
Mr Anon’s performance is now best described as undulating. He goes downhill, the VA gives him a push and he ascends again. Whether he reaches his previous summit is a moot point. He came in with the minutes of the workshop he’d written on Sunday. A quick look at Appendix 17 will enable the BESO reader to see the standard of English of a Master degree graduate from India working with Nepalis of the same linguistic/academic ability. The VA has put a few additions to make it a bit more readable. Mr P also presented his plans for the TIC and Appendix 18 refers. The students have done better (see Appendix
Wednesday 10 May
A conversation with the non-Faculty English teacher continues the train of thought. The VA asked him if the phonetic alphabet is used at the college. The reply was that students had passed though that stage before they arrived and it was outdated anyway. He is unable to say he has bigger fish to fry. There really is no point in attempting to improve levels of English at the college with such attitudes prevailing.
The VA circulated a multi-page booklet entitled “Pass Your Exam” with a note requesting views by Friday lunch time on how it might be used. Appendix 19 gives some pages selected to give the flavour.
Going back to the New Year party (Weds 12 April), the reader may remember only a mention of a fire and, a little later in the diary, not emphasing the negative too early in the story. In fact, it was an horrendous event. Four students were hospitalised and not all have returned even to this date. As a measure of student feeling, the VA has included a poem written by a student to his friends. Appendix 20 is in similar spirit to remarks the reader will come to at the end of the Report to the Management Committee. Just wait until then, please.
Saturday 13 May
After the discussion relating to Nepali hospitality, two of the tourism students invited the VA to spend time with them. Ananda met the VA at the hotel and took him to places of interest (PoI), lunch at his house (sitting on the floor, fingers before forks style) and then on to meet Madhavi. We all went to another PoI before Ananda returned home. Madhavi took the writer to her house, introduced him to her family and that is where he spent the night. 
On Sunday morning, an event had been arranged whereby Madhavi and her husband were to take over a new house. This involved as much religious ceremony as the wedding already described. Photography seemed inapropriate. All this goes to show that, given a little push, the Nepalis are a very hospitable people!
Monday 15 May, 2000
A brief conversation with KP got over the message that numerous items asked of staff were still outstanding. He had read the exam book so the VA said that no comment had reached him as requested for Friday.
Since Mr Anon is so prominent in this diary, a list of jobs he has been asked to do is shown in Appendix 21.
The secretary was given another very large set of syllabus documents to copy. These relate to the two fields of Leisure Management and Resort Development. As far as the VA can judge on Monday morning, there will be no time to discuss them as so much more still remains to be covered. 
In anticipation of KP’s return on Friday of last week, the VA had delivered a list of topics to be discussed to his house the evening before. A conversation on Sunday revealed that KP had only returned that morning after a gruelling travel experience. The list is shown in Appendix 22 which includes the Report to the Management Committee (Appendix 23). 
Not included in either of those documents are matters which the VA has had to spend a lot of time considering in the context of how far he goes in the analysis of the problems and just what needs to be confronted. The weekend produced a decision and, if the recommendation is implemented, it requires a major re-think of the course.   The most important curricular issue relates to the Tourism course. The impression is reached that they do Housekeeping and Food Service to fill their timetable. Neither subject (or skills arising from them) is required in tourism. If real customers were served in the restaurant, there may be a minor case for including Food Service as customer care etc skills would be acquired. However, such skills can be practised in a real TIC with real tourists in Lakeside.
The students are keen to immerse themselves in tourism activities in order to get an insight into their requirements. For example, the VA has demonstrated that they need to be involved in entertainment themselves if they are to organise it later. Each aspect of the main jobs in tourism needs to be recorded by the tourism teachers and it is not the VA’s job to do this. They should determine the resource requirements.
The reader will see from Apppendix 22 -item 3, that Mr Malla’s activity overlapped on to the VA’s aim to get students into the tourism scene. Mr M took them into trekking/rafting etc agencies in Lakeside. The VA had to play the part of the discerning tourist in order to get over to students that suppliers must empathise. It was very apparent that students need to do lots of this kind of work before they go out for their industrial placements. It is not fair on them to represent the college with so little experience. We met one of Mr M’s students on placement after six months training. The impression he gave compared with the BTTM student ability was chalk and cheese.
But the students want to learn and feel so unempowered in a situation where the Hotel Management course seems to be more important. 
Today, Monday 15 is the penultimate day of the project unless the VA decides to continue for longer and give up one or more of the three free days. Anything further will be put into an addendum. The VA Report proper will draw many threads together and the reader is now pointed in that direction.

Appendixes [Not shown here – use Contact link in top nav panel]

Notice of Faculty Meeting on 14 April
Quiz for BTTM students
Some Aspects of Learning, Teaching and Course Development
KP/VA Meeting 15 April - Summary
List of Faculty Members
Course Development Meeting
Memo to Faculty members - Course and Personal Development Workshop
A Nepali Wedding
Memo to Faculty members re Workshop and lesson to students
9a was accompanied by Appendix 3.
VA lesson to all students and staff - material used.
Workshop - Sunday 23 April
Project Meeting Summary
Project Overview (produced for TV programme)
TIC Project Leader’s statement of requirements
Asia Conference Questionnaire
Cover sheet to two syllabus documents (total 31 pages)
Teaching Evaluation form (Mr U)
Minutes of Workshop held on Sunday 7 May
Mr Anon’s Plans for the TIC
“Pass Your Exam” - a selection from the booklet
A Summary of Tasks given to Mr Anon
Memo to KP - last-minute topics to discuss - 2 pages
VA Report to the Management Committee



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