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 Gastronomy around the world
  • Gastronomy around the world



    Both pictures show the family food for one week.

    Find out where these families live and how much it costs to eat. There are thirteen other families to see. Each photo shows what they eat in a week.


    The family favourite dish is described.

    Baguettes are bought in Bejiing, pigs' knuckles are prized in Poland and see what is tasty in Tingo.

    It is a good excercise in geography as well as gastronomy.   Gastro-geography will become a topic. For the moment -

    Gastrogeography is the geography of cooking and eating habits and is dictated by climate, soil, tradition, history, psychology, commerce and national character. The world can be divided into culinary zones which are as marked as those provided by political boundaries, altitudes, rain, religion, crops, skin colouring and the other geographical factors which are mapped in modern atlases.(Dennis-Jones, 1971).

    Blue text here and later is a quotation

    The world may be divided into areas with different approaches to food and eating which are as clearly defined as ‘frontiers’.

    The difference between 'Gastronomy for all' and 'Gastronomy for Students' is that quotations such as you have just read are very rarely used 'for all'..

    If you get as far as reading my publications, quotations are a large part of them.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Gastronomy is what you put on your plate or the burger you take away. It is what you put on your guest's plate or when you ask which burger is preferred. It is a way of thinking about food. It takes place when you wheel the supermarket trolley. That sometimes happens as part of preparing for a special occasion involving food. The word 'food' embraces drink.

    Gastronomy also involves consideration of the food of others outside your social environment. When the family discusses where to go for the next holiday abroad, someone will ask what the food is like in a specific country suggested.

    It follows that an awareness of foreign food influences your food choice. Some of the time, you are hardly aware something is foreign as it is part your diet. It is part of your Gastronomy.

    Chinese food and pizza plus many other food items are taken for granted in most western countries. Senior citizens, however, have watched as these items arrived and became incorporated into the nation's diet.

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    The Innuit Eskimo supermarket trolley


    My host was the seal-hunter whom we had first approached on the ice. His wife boiled some seal-meat for me, but she had not boiled any fat, for she did not know whether I preferred the blubber boiled or raw. They always cut it in small pieces and ate it raw themselves; but the pot still hung over the lamp, and anything she put into it would be cooked in a moment. When I told her that my tastes quite coincided with hers--as, in fact, they did--she was delighted. People were much alike, then, after all, though they came from a great distance. She would, accordingly, treat me exactly as if I were one of their own people come to visit them from afar...

    The writer spoke the Innuit language.


    The story is from a time past but the message is still relevant. If Gastronomy is for all, even today we cannot anticipate many Innuits to tune into this website. Gastronomy incorporates hospitality here. We have a further insight into Innuit hospitality.

    On being assured that my tastes in food were not likely to differ from theirs, my hostess picked out for me the lower joint of a seal's fore leg, squeezed it firmly between her hands to make sure nothing should later drip from it, and handed it to me, along with her own copper-bladed knife; the next most desirable piece was similarly squeezed and handed to her husband, and others in turn to the rest of the family....

    Our meal was of two courses: the first, meat; the second, soup. The soup is made by pouring cold seal blood into the boiling broth immediately after the cooked meat has been taken out of the pot, and stirring briskly until the whole comes nearly (but never quite) to a boil. This makes a soup of thickness comparable to our English pea-soups, but if the pot be allowed to come to a boil, the blood will coagulate and settle to the bottom...

    Not quite the cup of tea we had together when we started but your gastronomical knowledge may have grown. May it grow even more from these pages.


  • "You amaze me!"


    "You amaze me!"

    Every culture has its beverage for everyday social exchange.  We will meet Mavis again.

    More on Gastronomy?  Let's look at the essence of life. 

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