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Humpty Dumpty cuisine


Humpty Dumpty cuisine     A Black and White Cartoon of a Humpty Dumpty Looking Character - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

‘When I use a word’, Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less’. (Through the Looking Glass) source

"The time has come", the Walrus said,
 To talk of many things:
 Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax —
 Of cabbages — and Kings —
 And why the Sea is boiling hot —
 And whether pigs have wings."

This page is about cuisine in the context of

   the vagueness of the word

   its commercial exploitation  

   the development of personal views on the concept

   stimulation of discussion

Old Dutch Foods acquired Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods in a C$26.7 million takeover bid in 2006 source
At least one dubious quasi-cuisine might disappear.  Its products have been reincarnated in cardboard boxes.

If Mr Dumpty were to use 'cuisine', he would make it mean what he means on the day.  When you read about some of the cuisines on this page your reaction might well be "pigs might fly!".  Their destination here for their own cuisine. 

    "The time has come", ... To talk of many things".  Let's begin with cabbage soup
 as the first example of 

     think of a word or two, add cuisine and enter the result in Google.

The result, third item down, is what we were looking for here.   Somewhere here, there's a walrus cuisine.  Companies can create interest in products using cuisine as seen here and here.  Go to Korea for royal cuisine here and buy your meat in New Zealand here.  Royal cuisine led to "George IV [being] portrayed as fat, extravagant and possibly suffering from the same insanity which had afflicted his father.". source  When you see his picture here.   You met a Catherine on the Atlas Explored page.  Is she the same as the one who enjoyed royal cuisine in  "Monarchs on the Menu" here?


  Royal cuisine in a different context here

We will hear about Elizabethan cuisine when these children grow up. here


Think of a word - ah! - cardboard.  Yes, there is cardboard cuisineIt is Baking without ingredients.  ... This site is devoted to baking without most of the ingredients that ...  However, it is Baking Without Wheat, Dairy, Eggs  [find the source] which confirms the vagueness of the title. 


This is more like it!
Cardboard within and of the box. 


Will you go wild over this cuisine? link          This is another interpretation of company use of cuisine.  Aimed at people who are fat from cardboard cuisine, it uses an opposite from fat here and here.  They want that lean and hungry look here  fourteen verses from the top   Is there a Shakespearean cuisine to be exploited here ?


Army cuisine is here within which there is a very specialised motor pool cuisine  here

Feedback is needed on this Swiss Army cuisine surprise here  !  Taste naval cuisine here .

Get smart

Smart cuisine is a style of cooking that focuses on using high quality ingredients, that deliver a high level of nourishment. These ingredients, which we call “power ingredients”, are combined to provide a variety of health benefits with each meal. Some of these benefits include, heart health, prevention of various types of cancers, prevention of stroke, reduction of stress, increased metabolism, bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis, improved vision, improved digestion and skin health.

Smart cuisine also focuses on using short cooking techniques which bring out the foods’ natural flavors and prevent their nutrients from being “cooked” away. And what about the taste?, you might ask. It’s very easy to make food taste great when you use the very best.

Sounds good!  Is it an example of exploitation of a vogue word?  Everything needs to be smart these days.  Answer the question after looking at the source here.  

Get green

Google green cuisine and select from over four million results.  It is a matter of concern, not least here.   Sustainable cuisine gives thirteen million results and in only ten seconds.  Would you be better off with green gastronomy here?

Get detoxed

Detox cuisine results approach half a million.  The detox queen is keeping quiet about what it is here.


Will Byzantine cuisine become popular? here    Location returns us to the quest for a reasonable account of cuisine: 

It also refers to a type, style or school of cookery. This word is encountered most often in conjunction with the word "Francaise". There are many other schools of national cookery, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern among the best known.

Within France "la cuisine Provencale" is just one instance of various descriptions of regional variations, and "cuisine minceur" is for slimmers.  source

Keep an eye open for  French cuisine and its minceur version on another page. 

Pop into the grocer for some retro-cuisine here and its French version is here


Clearly, such an analysis as this could take forever.  If nothing else, any further searches might be best focused on making sense of cuisine in your own mind in order to reject the nonsense which prevails.

Select two acceptable cuisines and defend them in discussion.





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