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Newspaper adverts and articles

The main pages in this series are Cuisine & Culture 1   here with Overview Contents here
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Ancillary pages are here                 Gastrotourism 2         here


South Africa here


Mystery tour 

The trufe, the whole trufe, ....

Waiter, I have been wading 

Grape to have you aboard! 
Undiscovered Beaune here
Beer and sandwiches

Meet Stella and friends

     Her single friends 

     Her kitchen friend

Savour Burgundy here

A troubled TripAdvisor here

Gap-year gastrotourism? here

Keeping up with the general news

Vicarious gastrotourism here
Intended for participants in the series, UK readers won't normally have this large and varied amount of newspaper cuttings in the house.  Readers elsewhere will have even less. 

We won't use an updates box so look at the end of the Contents list.

Aims of this page

  1. To provide a resource bank for those who may participate in the lecture on 29 February 
  2. To provide a resource bank for those who participate in the virtual lecture
  3. To provide a resource bank for student essays, projects, assignments, dissertations, theses and other titles for work to be submitted
  4. To provide samples of the availability of gastrotourism for those undergoing marketing training in industry
  5. To provide samples of the availability of gastrotourism for the general reader and including those who have been directed to a specific topic
  6. To encourage readers to explore a topic short of specific coverage in newspapers with plenty of Internet resources.  Click here.
  7. To give examples of articles written and commissioned by editors to attract readers and advertisers  
By the time in-depth readers and their travel-thirsty mice have reached the end of the page, they will have enough airmiles to go round the world again.




UK Daily Telegraph, 24 December 2011, p 26

Many such adverts but few with gastrotourism prominent or hidden in the blurb.

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Your holiday in Italy

You have saved this in your cuttings folder in your top drawer. 

A choice of two.  There are no other holidays which might appeal to gastrotourism devotees on the half-page.  What is your estimate of the %?  See centre column below.




UK Guardian 04 02 2012, p10, Travel Section


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We look at symbols of national cuisine - gastro-identifiers elsewhere.  If this picture appeared in an advert, which country would you identify it with?


 Which country, dish name?



 Does this clue help?




UK Telegraph Travel, December 24 2011, p 3. 

The pictures are from an article beginning on p 1 -  "Christmas lunch a la francaise".  Their use is not meant to denigrate the excellent article.   

Readers of the newspaper may not have seen the topic on the Internet.

Supplements devoted to gourmet holidays seem rare.  Features are not far behind.



Read this extract and answer the question which follows:

"Truffles are democratic!".   Mr Aynaud truly is a stirring advocate of the truffle, though Lord knows how I found him. As often happens in the Dordogne, you leave the beaten track, then leave the one after that, winding up and down hills, through woods and meadows, to arrive in a goldstone hamlet where anyone in his right mind would want to live for ever.  ...

But it's worth the attempt. Truffle men are generally thought to be secretive, mildly sinister, beret-wearing peasants with shotguns and a "cash-only" mantra. Erudite and bounding into his sixties, Mr Aynaud is as different as a chap can be while still being in truffles.


What overlap with what you read on page 67 here.  It was referred to earlier here, third paragraph under "Visits to travel agents". Which holiday would you buy even before reading the next text?  ...

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and nothing but the trufe.  (The French say truffe  for truffle.)    (Still mystified? - solution


Provence: 'Tis the season of the truffle


In deep midwinter, southern France entices a gourmet gathering

 We celebrated in style, sampling wine at Coteaux de Visan near Valréas, before a supper of scallops and wild boar at Le Coquelicot restaurant. The pervading truffle smell hung around us, and fellow diners slapped us on the back, raising their glasses knowingly. We felt acclimatised. ...

Our final stop was Nîmes, a city with more layers than a mille-feuille. [[my addition]] All thoughts of stretching out at our hotel, Le Cheval Blanc, were abandoned when we opened the shutters to the awesome sight of France's oldest Roman amphitheatre directly opposite.  ...

From the back of hatchbacks, truffle pickers sold their wares in clandestine fashion, hiding their financial transactions from view. The comparisons with drug dealing went beyond the dizzying head rush at the overpowering scent. "The truffle is part of the black economy," Jean-Pierre explained. "No tax".

As night fell, the streets came alive with Christmas lights, festive music and shoppers. We rested on the steps of the Maison Carrée, the illuminated columns of this Roman temple reflected in the glass of the Norman Foster-designed Carré d'Art gallery across the square. We reflected too, on the joy of finding treasure both freshly buried in the Provence soil and ancient, in the heart of a city. ...


U K - Independent Traveller, 24 December 2012, p 12,  More


To Contents   To Gastrotourism 1



I've been wading* in this restaurant for half a lifetime, sir.

* For those who are not native-English speakers.  Wading and waiting - a play on words

You come across these fellows walking towards you.



See them in context




You look for gourmet aspects




 Article continues.  To Contents   To Gastrotourism 1

The Magnificent 6 star Caribbean Voyage

This Ultra luxury Late deal cruise offer
must end 15th February – book yours today!

Reader Offers Ltd is delighted to introduce you to the luxury of the Regent Seven Seas Cruises, sailing on their 6★ ship, Seven Seas Navigator on a beautiful Caribbean voyage.





Look What’s Included   gastrotourism items highlighted in red

  • 10 nights of all inclusive luxury onboard the elegantly styled Seven Seas Navigator
  • EXCLUSIVE $500 onboard spend **
  • One night hotel stay in Miami^
  • COMPLIMENTARY Return Flights to and from the UK
  • COMPLIMENTARY Shore Excursions *
  • COMPLIMENTARY Beverages including fine wines and premium spirits
  • COMPLIMENTARY Pre-Paid Staff Gratuities
  • COMPLIMENTARY Ground Transfers
  • COMPLIMENTARY In-suite mini-bar replenished daily
  • COMPLIMENTARY 24-hour room service and no additional charge for specialty restaurants
  • Elegant casual dress code
  • Welcome bottle of champagne
  • A choice of three gourmet restaurants including the iconic new steakhouse Prime 7, and Compass Rose, La Veranda plus the al fresco Pool Grill
  • In-suite dining, served course-by-course during restaurant hours
  • Butler service in Penthouse Suites and higher, including complimentary in-suite mini-bar setup and iPod® docking station
  • Fitness programs, sauna and steam rooms in the spa
  • Onboard activities including expert guest lectures, theatre performance and day time entertainment
  • Interactive flat screen television in each suite with extensive media library and complimentary movies-on-demand

 More about us

Seven Seas Navigator from Regent Seven Seas Cruises With just 490 guests, Seven Seas Navigator offers intimate, yet spacious surroundings with no queues or crowds. Onboard you will find public rooms are awash with light and decorated with utmost refinement.

The suites are dressed with the finest Egyptian Anichini linens and feather down duvets on European king-size beds. Expansive walk in closets, marble appointed bathrooms and a welcoming bottle of chilled house champagne, fresh fruit and flowers await your arrival.

islands in the Caribbean You can choose from three exceptional restaurants, The Compass Rose, La Veranda and the new Prime 7, a contemporary steak and seafood grill, or simply dine in the comfort of your own suite.

Regent Seven Seas also feature the Canyon Ranch Spa Club: offering an array of therapies based on a unique fusion of science and nature. It is the perfect sanctuary of ultra luxury for discerning travellers and a truly sensational voyage not to be missed.

This cruise itinerary at a glance:

Fly from the UK – Ft Lauderdale (Hotel Stay in Miami) – Key West – Grand Cayman – Cozumel (Mexico) – Belize City – Santo Tomas (Guatemala) – Roatan (Honduras) – Costa Maya (Mexico) – Ft Lauderdale – Fly to the UK




To Contents   To Gastrotourism 1


   An example of an item in a discrete supplement.  UK Sunday Telegraph 12 Feb 2012, pp 10/11 









Click here to continue reading.



 Reidel workshop here? Explore panel? here

To Contents   To Gastrotourism 1

 Undiscovered Beaune   

The Mail on Sunday - Travel, 12 Feb 2012 , p 50 

It's easy to see that the top main advert was a position-requested arrangement.

What about the singles ad?  Explore the site. The URL in the advert takes you to
here.  Select the obvious link. Look for gastrotourism holidays.  Look further at other sites.  Note a different result when   singles tours   is put into Google etc.


Beer and sandwiches

What about the single men who would travel long distances for beer and sandwiches?  Niche market?  Perhaps there is a sandwiches cuisine (foot of List B here) after all!


                  Pub crawl

                                                     Grouper sandwiches - line 6  
These items are to be found in an off-shoot of newspaper articles.  In this case, an advert in the UK Sunday Times for its Travel magazine.  The items are on page 23 of the March 2012 issue.  Website here.


Meet Stella

She turns up with the UK Sunday Telegraph and has many friends.  One is Nicki Minaj, another is Bee Wilson - a kitchen thinker, most of them are single.

Stella hopes her single friends will go on holiday and includes this advertiser's insert disguised as a supplement.

Mingling with singles

It comprises sixteen pages.

The only one to say anything about the food -----

 is here:

and we need to look again at the food-blurb:

Re-read the bit about the first "free" and "(extra cost) with the possible aim of diverting you away from the money implications.  The second "free" may also help.

Consider "join the locals".  Consider the concept of gastronomy in relation to mitigating the "lonesome" aspects of singles holidays.

When you look at the justyou website there's emphasis on the justyou community.  When you inspect the dropdowns for holiday types, there's no food option.  The nearest is festivals here.  Explore on you own.



And now for Bee Wilson.

She helps us re national cuisine and there's quite a lot to discuss. One lesson to learn is don't judge the book by its cover. 

Bee Wilson is in with Stella on p 57, UK Sunday Telegraph, 12 Feb, p 57.



Burgundy in the Mail

Here is a sample:

The UK Mail on Sunday, 12 Feb 2012, p 55.   The article could have been but wasn't written for singles.


 A troubled TripAdvisor

Saturday 4 Feb, UK Telegraph Travel, p 4

UK Independent, Saturday 18 Feb 2012

How much is the second writer influenced by the first?

Several emails about TripAdvisor -why leave it to this stage? Answer - to see if readers missed it!

A few readers were asking in the earlier stages for brochures and articles to be separated onto two pages. I wrote to many regular readers and almost all agreed.  You see the fruit of their labour.     

Gap-year gastrotourism?

Relevant text

Uk Sunday Telegraph, 12 Feb 2012, p 25.  Gastrotourism journeys of self-discovery?  Enough said.

Keeping up with the general news

From UK Sunday Telegraph 4 March 2012.  First item, page 1.  The letter is from p 29.  They are included to encorage readers to form groups interested in collecting the type of material on this and the brochures page.


If a project is involved, you can use the Internet text to highlight key points.  Links here have been added from text  here.  The "Related articles" are not additions.  Using a mini-website for your project is a matter to discus with your lecturer. 

You can proceed to evaluate the letter.

Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, used an interview with The Sunday Telegraph to say that Britain needed to seize the moment when the “spotlight of the world” was on the country to “transform our tourism industry”.

Celebrities will launch the “20.12 per cent discount” scheme this week. It will, for example, offer reduced prices on around two million nights at hotels, stays on Britannia, the Royal yacht now moored in Leith, Edinburgh, and visits to Chatsworth, the historic house in Derbyshire. The scheme will be promoted by a £5 million television advertising campaign – the first of its kind.

Mr Hunt also said that the Government would “confound its critics” and protect the countryside despite concerns about changes to planning laws.

Opponents of the National Planning Policy Framework – which has been published in draft form – say it puts too much emphasis on development over the beauty of the countryside.

Mr Hunt said: “People will see, when these reforms are implemented, that far from being bulldozed, it will be better protected than ever before. People are rightly totally passionate about the countryside. I am passionate about our tourism industry – and beautiful countryside is a very, very key part of that.” 

Ministers are putting huge faith in the “staycation” campaign – launched by VisitEngland – which they say will create 12,000 jobs and generate £480  million in extra spending over three years. The scheme will cover hotel accommodation, meals, guided tours and entry to attractions, with discounts funded by the industry.

It will apply to bookings for 2012 made in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games, on September 9, with organisations signed up to the scheme. Mr Hunt said: “Go outside and look at hoardings and you see them plastered with ads for India, Australia, Spain, Israel, Turkey, but where’s the advertising for what we’ve got right here?”

A previous attempt to boost holidays in Britain in the wake of the 2001 Foot and Mouth disease outbreak became mired in controversy.

Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, were pictured on a rainy trip to Cumbria before immediately flying off to Italy for their “main holiday”.

Mr Hunt also said it would be “wonderful” for the BBC to appoint its first female director-general in succession to Mark Thompson, who will stand down within a year.

But the Culture Secretary added that he was not ordering the BBC what to do.



To Contents To Gastrotourism 1

Vicarious gastrotourism - Stella again

Google gives us something to look at.  At the lowest level, armchair gastrotourism is a more explicit term.  Google is not a great help but better than nothing.  .

The next level is imported cuisine.  (Fried rice? here here )  UK diners can stay in London overnight to be included in the domestic gastrotourism statistics.  More here but as to data - what did you see?

At first, you might think you are sampling Scandinavian cuisne.  It is modern French cuisine.  It saves having to go to France.  Shall I book a table?



                                                             UK Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine 4 March 2012, pp 42/43

More at the foot of the page here.  If you are a restaurateur, you don't have any choice as to what is said in a review, of course.  However, the photo is a matter of negotiation.  When advertising, which sells best: pictures of empty or full restaurants?


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