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Semantic Cuisine

The result of putting that into Google will follow.  Meanwhile, let's look at 'semantics'.

The word "semantics" itself denotes a range of ideas, from the popular to the highly technical. It is often used in ordinary language to denote a problem of understanding that comes down to word selection or connotation.

Linguistic semantics is the study of meaning that is used by humans to express themselves through language. source

The rest of the results are at the mercy of the reader.  We have enough to continue.


Entering a new field of specialism is often a challenge and it is appropriate to look at more words.  "Lexical" means 
relating to words or the vocabulary of a language as distinguished from its grammar and construction source

Adrienne Lehrer, now a Professor, in 1967 was the first to use the page title now considered. In her paper of that name, she looks at the lexical field of cooking terms in English which includes a basic set of verbs and formally and semantically related nouns and adjectives.  This analysis shows ... that the items ... are highly organised ...   source  

Again, we have enough to continue.  Prof Lehrer's  cooking terms in English are included in the overall theme of this website section on "Making sense of cuisine"  in the context of, at first,  triangles.  Let's look at some now.  I suggest you read no further than the picture.  link



As you are interested in gastronomy, Prof Lehrer can take you further.  "Can wines be brawny" is here and "The semiotics of food"  is here.  Her other work is here.


Adrienne Lehrer inspired this large section of the website.  The words "Making Sense of Cuisine" appear in two of my minor publications based on her work.  My latest project is "Semantic Cuisine", which is inspired by Prof Lehrer's paper of the same title.  We will look at it in due course.

Alan Harrison

18 Jan 2011
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