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Types of cuisine - 5ex

It's a fact of life.

Let's talk about 5ex
cuisine and ask "Does it need Salt-n-Pepa?".  here 

Make the obvious entry into Google and see this which is top of almost 60 million results for "sex-cuisine".  Is it why Japan is the least obesity-ridden country [with Korea] among twenty-eight listed here?   

As a way of introducing the topic, you are taken to a page which, in computer jargon, is "hidden".  It doesn't appear in the side panel until it is opened.  The aim comes in two parts.  It is to keep it from those who make shallow searches using the page title and to increase the number of readers who have absorbed some of the background on previous pages.

The page is here


Two days later?

Shallow-searchers will find plenty of results using "sex-cuisine".  59 million enough?

"There are over 100 aphrodisiac foods you can find on any shelf,” said Federer. “[Le Pape] wasn’t even aware he was using a lot of aphrodisiacs in the food.” Read more: here 

But what's the difference between shallow and otherwise searches?  It is a matter of what you use, of course.  There's even sex-free cuisine here

Asparagus crops up a lot and it does here.  Readers  are left to their own devices and the same search.  The asparagus site suggests another search - aphrodisiac cuisine.  Only 1.3 million results here  Top of the list is the inevitable book here.  The topic has a long history - another book:

Who’s writing this article feels particularly qualified to give advice on this matter, just for writing a book, in 1992, in French, published by editor Robert Laffont and translated into several languages (but Italian), entitled Cinq mille ans de cuisine aphrodisiaque (Five thousands years of aphrodisiac cuisine), describing gallant recipes from here and elsewhere through history.

If you need to find the passage, use Control F  to give you a search box.  Paste any extract of five or so words. 

No doubt there will be other books on the topic.  Raymond Oliver puts it into perspective in his chapter on Aphrodisiac Cookery.  He surrounds his thoughts on the topic with other interesting material.  An extract is hereThe French at Table, Wine and Food Society/Michael Joseph 1967


There's a mere 93000 results for aphrodisiac cuisine  including a book on the subject here.  Why choose Pattaya as the location of flamboyant but irrelevant creative cuisine ? here

Put any naughty word + cuisine or cookery into Google and the variation in results, of course, is amazing as seen here. Chili peppers [followed by chocolate] occur ten pages into the results for aphrodisiac cuisine hereChili peppers, for example, quicken the pulse and induce sweating, mimicking the state of sexual arousal, as well as stimulating the release of endorphins, which play a role in sexual pleasure.

Clearly, with many searches and so many results , most are unworthy of mention. 

If you haven't see the hidden page yet, it's here .  


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