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Chefs in 1984

Chefs in 1984

Chefs are important to cuisine generally and to specific cuisines more importantly.  They can create a cusine, support a cuisine or ignore one, a few or even all the specific cuisines beyond, say, Greek or German cuisine.

In the main, we are talking about chefs de cuisine, even chefs des cuisines.  In this book  Barr A. & Levy P, The Official Foodie Handbook.  Ebury Press, 1984,   the editors have included a chefs' "family tree" emanating from Fernand Point. He was a French restaurateur and is considered to be the father of modern French cuisinehere 
There are other contenders for that title which can be dealt with on another day and on another page much later.  The family tree covers the Barr and Levy view of famous chefs in 1984.  For the time being, it will be shown without comment.   However, comment is made on the tree itself as shown.   

Comment is also made on the fact that some chefs and not others have been included on the tree.  The passage of time makes that of less importance than finding and/or creating either a new tree or, at least, a new list reflecting the situation today.  Gillespie [an author who we meet later] talks about some who might rank for consideration.   

The tree has been edited by this website author and is here.  You need to imagine the two pages side by side to work out the branches.  If it helps, you can see the two halves side by side but not the fine print as anything legible here. Keep an eye open for the names as some are used in this section of the website.

Put "chef family tree" into Google to see over a million irrelevant results here.  Perhaps this is the best result here

Well done Barr & Levy with 1984 resources.

2011 heralds the need for a relevant account of our culinary masters in one place.  Let it be wider in scope than this one here  That was top of the list of a million results.

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