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"Making sense of Cuisine" - an introduction

Readers who have used cuisinestudy.co.uk can go straight to their destination here.  

Use of quotation marks in the page title will become apparent later. 

This component of the website is addressed to

     the general reader hoping to learn more about the concept of cuisine

     professionals within the tourism and hospitality industry

     those aspiring to become such professionals - trainees and students

     students of linguistics

     students of anthropology

     even students of anthropological linguistics

              where the word "student" need not be limited to those on courses -  
              in other words - students of life


Tour this component of the website via the side panel to see what interests you.  You see that capital letters are used to indicate two sections after this first batch of pages.  This Part 1 section focuses on cuisine starting with the everyday use of the word as in "French cuisine".  

The second section is headed "First pub - first look".  The narrow side panel doesn't allow a full description.  "Pub" is short for "publication."  It was written for readers of the former Cookery & Food Association Review.  Content there looks more at cookery than cuisine and also prepares the reader for the last section.

That is headed "Anthropological Linguistics" where other publications are used in one of mine.  There is a lead up to both components of the title in quotation marks.

This component of the overall website is anticipated to generate as much email traffic as others and that is considerable.  Comment and questions are always welcomed.  Contact links are spread around the pages.

Alan Harrison

4 Feb 2011 update 27 Feb 2012   


Caveat emptor

This section of the website incorporates anthropology and linguistics. I am not an anthropologist or a linguist. 

My career included being  a Lecturer in Gastronomy at
Surrey Univer­sity, Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School at Crewe Toll, an Open University Tutor/Examiner within the Post-Grad course in Educational Manage­ment, and Head of Faculty of Community Studies at Canterbury College. I was also a University Dean in France and Switzerland and independently became Professor in 1992.  Other foreign activities saw work as a Tourism specialist and academic adviser in fifteen countries. Retired and living near Hereford,  I am involved in various community/charity projects. 

This website is testimony to a life-long interest in the many aspects
of food and drink.


Cuisine - Part 1

Gastronomy or cuisine? here

We next look at an overview of the section and then a look at food through the ages.  Focusing on items of interest there helps put our present food situation into context.  "World cuisine" gives us another tour before looking at an atlas of influences on some cuisines.

The word "cuisine" itself is next on the agenda.  Chefs, of course, influence cuisine and we go back in time in a different context.  Chefs mentioned are still remembered.   Pages on Types 1, 2 and 3 look at dozens of cuisines.      

Time now for the overview
here before looking at food through the ages here       


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